(1275 BC) I was a High-Pristess to the 
temple of SET. My husband was 
Highpriest. My husband seeked great 
power for worshiping and aiding SET 
in his evil ways. But for my husband
to gain such power. A price must be paid. 

For I DESMINA was to be the payment, 
with my sacrifice of my life. My flesh and 
blood was the offering. Set knew with in me, 
I was not worthy of him as my lord. My 
husband sacrifised me. 

For another GOD heard my woes and came
to my aid. He adopted me, and granted me 
such power. To make right with the world, and 
all who were in it. For centuries, I have spent 
my time working in the ways of order. Hoping 
one day I can put the world I live in to right.